Short on time Christmas HIIT

Short on time Christmas HIIT

Are you wondering where you will find the time this week to fit a workout into the Christmas shopping, turkey collecting, house decorating madness? Don’t panic – I have got you covered with a speedy 10 minute Christmas HIIT!

This is a great one as you don’t need any equipment and you can take it literally anywhere – even the garden (if you’re feeling brave) – minimal space needed! So, if you’re beginner level go for 10 reps of each, intermediate try 15 and if you’re really wanting to feel the burn go for 20!

7 exercises, 3 rounds – let me know how you get on! If you want any guidance on how to do the exercises, check out my Instagram post on it here.

  1. Squats – remember to keep the core engaged, chest proud and weight in the heels.
  2. Drop squats – strong core, strong legs and squeeze those glutes.
  3. Mountain climbers – don’t forget to engage with the arms and core to prevent the body swinging from side to side.
  4. Skaters – make sure you execute each rep fully and focus on that core and balance.
  5. Jacks – get the heart rate up!
  6. Forward lunges – drive through the front heel, keep the upper body upright and tall and keep that core engaged.
  7. Plank taps – focus on not letting your body move from side to side as you do these, lift through the quads and engage your core!

And for anyone who might have issues with knees or need to avoid high impact you can substitute the drop squats for low impact high knee marches on the spot and you can also take out the forward lunges & do plain squats (not too low) or step ups on a stair/step.

Let me know how you get on! Have a fabulous Christmas! 

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If you have any questions please do get in touch.

For more workout ideas and to find out more about me check out my Instagram or the website,

Caroline x

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