life is all about balance

Life is all about balance

What does “Balance” mean to you? While focusing on a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right is great for your body, “balanced living” means protecting your mental and emotional health too – it’s considering all aspects of your life whether that be relationships, work, health etc. It’s important to remember that everyone is different and the concept of what constitutes a balanced life for one may be different for another so take a moment to think what exactly does the phrase “life is all about balance” mean to you? There is so much information available online when it comes to diets, fads, new exercise regimens and it can be a real minefield. 

These are what I consider to be important for balanced living in my mind – what would you put at the top of your list? Let me know!

1. Ensuring you have some “You” time every day even if just 30 minutes – think of something you enjoy which also will help you relax and de stress – whether it be yoga, walk, a hobby, cooking etc. For me it’s walking the dogs and being in nature. Ensure you have time for self care and make it a priority.

2. Schedule in your exercise – so important for both physical and mental health – it can be just 150 minutes a week but ensure it is something you enjoy and which can be consistent. Again time for you and so good for that mood boost.

3. Eat well – try to cook more. The right diet will keep your body healthy, give you energy, and boost your spirits. Plan your meals and keep them varied. Without the right fuel our bodies cannot function correctly.

4. Sleep – literally your best friend and the foundation to balance – if we sleep well then everything else is brighter and more manageable – from the food choices we make to the tasks ahead at work or within the family. 

5. Be kind to yourself – not everything is going to be perfect every day and try not to compare your lifestyle with others. If you’ve set yourself goals this year make them achievable and realistic and if you have a day when it doesn’t go according to plan just start again tomorrow.

6. Write it down – I find that keeping notes/ making a schedule not only really helps me stay on track but also shows how far you’ve come, expressing your feelings and staying motivated.

“Everything in moderation” is a phrase you hear often, and with good reason. Everything in moderation means that there’s a healthy balance to your life, so laugh, love, live, and be healthy. You do you.

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