women and exercise myths

Women & exercise myths

Ok time to bust some myths! I am often asked fitness questions relating to certain exercises, current fads etc so today I thought I would share the five that crop up most frequently!

Myth 1: “Is it true that I will bulk up if I start lifting weights?” and the answer is most definitely NO.

You will NOT bulk up by lifting weights – a total myth – you will build lean muscle & reduce body fat. To achieve a bodybuilder physique you’d need to be following a very defined nutritional program alongside using very heavy weights in a specific rep range . It is also worth mentioning that women have less testosterone than men & therefore it is much harder to bulk! 

Remember however that the benefits of lifting weights are almost endless! Not only does it contribute hugely to building and retaining lean muscle tissue and very importantly improving our bone density (which naturally reduces as we age especially post the menopause) it can also have such a positive effect on many aspects of the body including:

  • Reducing back pain by enhancing core strength and stability 
  • Reducing the risk of trips and falls by building strength
  • Improving overall posture and balance  
  • Enhancing mental wellbeing – lowering stress levels and releasing endorphins for that mental boost
  • Boosting our immunity, improving sleep

Myth 2: “Is it true cardio is the only way to improve fitness?” NO!

Cardio is excellent for heart health & calorie burn BUT a strength programme will build muscle which we need to function daily & supports our health in so many ways esp improving our long-term fitness. Strength training also raises metabolism long after the session which is great for the calorie burn. In an ideal world we should incorporate strength alongside cardio into our weekly fitness plan.

Myth 3: “Is it true that exercise is all about weight loss?” This is most definitely not true.
If your goal is weight loss then exercise is definitely going to tick the box when combined with a healthy diet. BUT exercise is so much more than a number on a scale. It’s heart, bone, muscle, brain & mental health – its benefits are endless both physically & mentally. 

Myth 4: “Is it true that you need at least an hour for a good workout?” Anyone who knows me will know this is a firm no from me!

You do NOT need to be doing hour-long workouts. My classes are 30 minutes ~ challenging but achievable. If you follow a structured plan you can definitely work out for 30/45 minutes max & achieve excellent, long lasting results.

Final myth – “Is it true that exercise is just for young people?” Absolutely not! Exercise is for everyone!
It’s so important to exercise as we get older,  to keep us fit and active into our later years. Better balance, flexibility, posture, reduced injuries, bone health, muscle mass, mental health, pre/post-menopausal health are just some of the many reasons why it’s fundamental to keep moving & stay strong.

Any questions as always please get in touch or drop me a DM.

Caroline x

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