Why I love TRX training

Why I love TRX training

There are so many reasons why I love TRX training, anyone who knows me will know I am a big fan! Read on to find out why! TRX suspension training is resistance training with your body weight and is proven to improve total body strength, core stability and heart health. So here are my top ten reasons you should give TRX training a go…

  1. Great for all fitness levels – TRX training really is for everyone. There are loads of modifications to all of the exercises you can do with this piece of equipment. You can use your whole body weight by being suspended or for a gentler workout you can use the TRX for greater support and adopt more of a standing position as you build strength and fitness.
  2. It’s different to other workouts – unlike conventional resistance training with weights where you challenge yourself by increasing the weight/number of reps/sets, with TRX the slightest shift in body position can dramatically increase your workout intensity!
  3. It hits your core hard – almost every exercise you do with the TRX activates your core muscles. Research has shown that many TRX exercises show greater core activation than when performing these exercises without.
  4. Low risk and low impact – a lot of the exercises focus on mobility and flexibility whilst building strength. The exercises are gentle on the joints and do pose lower risk than many other forms of exercise because they are very low impact.
  5. There’s no denying it, TRX training builds muscle. It is a form of resistance training and it really does build muscle effectively.
  6. Increase in metabolic rate – because it is resistance training it gives you that sustained calorie burn post exercise that you get from weight training.
  7. Pack it and take it! You can pop it in your suitcase to take on holiday, throw it in your bag for a work trip or pop it up in the garden for a summer workout!
  8. Cardio and strength – depending on the style of workout and the exercises you do you can tick the cardio and strength boxes with your TRX. Squat jumps with one are not for the faint hearted. 
  9. Fast, effective whole body workout – TRX actually stands for Total-Body Resistance Exercise and that’s a pretty good summary! With the little piece of kit you can hit your whole body in a short space of time. Both upper body and lower body exercises are equally effective. There are some very advanced abs moves too!
  10. Functional fitness – loads of the TRX exercises are great functional fitness exercises (if you missed my blog on this, you can find it here) which means that they are building strength in movements which mimic those we do in everyday life. Think of it as training for real life! I also really like to use mine for single leg exercises which help hugely with stability and any muscle imbalances. So a great solution for rehab too.

I often get asked what my favourite TRX exercises are and which ones I would recommend. Take a look at my IG post for a great TRX legs workout recommendation here. Let me know how you get on! Keep your eyes peeled for more TRX inspo coming soon!

You can use code TRX15CC for 15% off at TRXtraining.com if you want to have a go.

Caroline x

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