Why am I still not seeing results

Why am I still not seeing results?

It can be really disheartening if you have started an exercise programme but aren’t seeing results as quickly as you would like. Remember everyone is different and for some the results take longer to see than with others but stick with it. There are several factors that could contribute to a lack of visible results from your exercise routine:

1. Inconsistent Exercise: Consistency is key when it comes to seeing results. If your exercise routine is sporadic or lacks regularity, it may take longer to observe changes. Are you following a structured program or doing a workout that you’ve done for years which may have led you to plateau in your training?

2. Lack of Intensity: The intensity of your workouts matters. If you’re not challenging your body enough, it may not adapt and change. Consider gradually increasing the intensity with the weights or incorporating more challenging exercises.

3. Unbalanced Workout Routine: A well-rounded fitness routine includes both strength training and cardiovascular exercises. If your routine is skewed towards one type of exercise, you may not see comprehensive results. This doesn’t mean you need to be out doing long runs but it does mean maybe including a weekly HIIT session ( I run a Friday strength hiit class for example)  which gets the heart rate up or going out for a power walk with the dog regularly.

4. Poor Nutrition: Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. If your diet is not aligned with your fitness goals, you may not see the desired changes. Ensure you’re consuming a balanced and nutritious diet that supports your exercise routine. Protein is key here!

5. Inefficient Recovery: Recovery is crucial for progress. If you’re not allowing enough time for your muscles to recover, it can impede your ability to build strength and see results. Ensure you have rest days and prioritise sleep. Sleep is vital for recovery and overall health. Lack of sleep can hinder your body’s ability to repair and build muscle. Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night.

6. Setting Unrealistic Expectations: It’s essential to set realistic and achievable goals. Rapid changes may not be sustainable and everyone’s body responds differently to exercise. Patience is key and be kind to yourself, don’t compare yourself to others – you’re on your own path.

7. Stress Levels: Chronic stress can negatively impact your body’s ability to respond to exercise. Manage stress through techniques like meditation, deep breathing, or other stress-reduction strategies. Take a look at what is causing stress in your life and see if you can incorporate ways to reduce this.

8. Medical Factors: Certain medical conditions or medications can affect your body’s response to exercise. If you’re concerned about lack of progress, consider consulting with a healthcare professional.

9. Incorrect Exercise Form: Performing exercises with improper form can limit their effectiveness and increase the risk of injury. 

10. Not Tracking Progress: It’s easy to overlook progress if you’re not tracking it. Keep a journal, count reps, take photos, or use other methods to monitor changes over time. You might be surprised to see how much progress you have actually made.

When it comes to strength training and results, consistency is the most important factor. If you commit to your workouts each week you will feel and see results quicker. You will start to find those everyday tasks easier – maybe a walk will become a walk/jog/run and that workout will feel that little bit easier than it did a few weeks ago. Make your goals realistic and achievable and stick at it – I promise results will come. 

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