Top tips for exercise without going to a gym

Top tips for exercise without going to a gym!

I might be biassed but I LOVE a home workout so I have plenty of tips for waving goodbye to busy gyms and expensive fees and getting stuck into some brilliant home workouts. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, a home workout can really benefit your fitness. So what are my top tips for exercising without going to a gym?

  1. If possible, find yourself a dedicated area in the home to become your workout space. It doesn’t need to be set up all the time but have a place that you know works, where you can roll your mat out and get started. It can be as simple as the corner of the living room, a space in the garage or if you have the space perhaps in a spare room. You don’t need much room at all, just the size of the mat really.
  2. Invest in a couple of pieces of kit – people always ask what they need to get started and it isn’t much at all but they are key to success! My key pieces of equipment are a mat, a short looped resistance band and a set of light (approx. 2kg) dumbbells – you can increase the weight gradually as you build strength over time (you can read my blog on this here). If you’re not ready to start with weights you can start off with bodyweight only and then add in some water bottles until you’re confident to purchase the weights.
  3. If you’re new to exercise or want to shake up your routine it’s a great idea to follow an online programme. My platform has 4 live workouts a week as well as an express class series, the In Ten series and a library of on-demand classes. It is always helpful to have someone to guide you through the workouts and exercise and to give you that motivation boost to keep going and keep you accountable. 
  4. Plan plan plan – plot out at the start of each week where you can fit your workouts in (remember you don’t have that gym commute now so you’ll be saving some time there!). Try to carve out enough time and then stick to it – tick them off as you go, it’s quite satisfying! You’ll soon find that these workouts become routine and you can’t imagine life when you didn’t do them.
  5. Mix it up – if the weather is nice try to get outside to do a few of these workouts. Not only will you get your Vitamin D fix, the fresh air does wonders for the brain and you’ll be riding that post-workout endorphin high for the rest of the day. 

Let me know how you get on and remember you can use code picknmix20 throughout September for 20% off your first month on Caroline’s Circuits.

Caroline x

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