september is the new january

September is the new January

It’s official – September is the new January! Think about it – the days are longer & lighter than after Christmas and with the kids back at school after a long summer break it is a great time to kick start new beginnings and make a bit of time for you. So how are we going to kick start our post hols healthy regimen? These are the key dos & don’ts that I will be sharing with my clients:

Find yourself an exercise you enjoy that will be sustainable

There is no point setting targets when they are not something you will stick to or enjoy. Run with a friend, find someone you find motivating and inspiring to follow online for home workouts or join a local gym which is on the school run route so it quickly becomes part of your daily routine. Many places will offer a free trial before you commit or sign up – so give it a go. I offer everyone a free trial for my classes so that they really understand what I offer and are engaged and focussed when they do start.

Don’t set unrealistic goals

Be kind to yourself. Start slowly, build up and you won’t be immediately injured. If you are using weights, start with lighter ones and gradually increase the weights & reps as you get build strength. Power walk and do interval training walk/run/walk/run before you start planning 10ks!

Plan your schedule and keep consistent

I tell all my clients that 3 times a week is perfect. My strength classes are 30 minutes 3 times per week and this is easy to fit into their daily routines. Keep a chart to track your progress. It’s so motivating. Put your workouts into your diary and be accountable for your classes. Consistency is key when it comes to hitting your goals.

Be prepared & be realistic

Lay out your kit the night before, arrange to meet a friend afterwards and make sure you really are setting aside time. Be realistic, do not over promise that you will exercise every day as you will really feel demotivated when you cannot meet those targets. It needs to fit in with your lifestyle and commitments – that way you can be consistent.

Try something new

It’s a new term, if you are tired/bored of your exercise routine pre summer maybe try a new challenge which will motivate you – use the 4 months running up to Christmas to set yourself a goal – maybe a 10k in December, starting a strength training class when you’ve never used weights, wild swimming or training for a charity walk. You have 4 months now to really get started afresh – step out of that comfort zone!

Don’t forget it’s not going to feel easy after a summer off but once you start the benefits both mentally and physically will soon become apparent. Getting started is the hardest step.

I have devised the perfect programme to get us all started. Each session is just 30 minutes so definitely able to fit into your day – post school drop off, before or after work in the evening. No equipment or hefty gym fees and it’s designed to cater to all levels. A set of exercises to work the whole body and tick both the strength and cardio boxes – the best part is that it leaves you feeling great. Let’s Go!!!

Have a go at a HIIT class here!

Intrigued to know more and have access to hundreds of classes just like this – read more about the platform here.

If you have any questions please do get in touch.

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Caroline x

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