how to stay fit forever

How to stay fit forever

Getting started isn’t always the problem when it comes to health, fitness and exercise. Often we start a new programme, join a new gym or set new goals but actually sticking with it can be problematic. So how do you stay motivated and stay on track when life is busy, the weather isn’t great or you’re not really feeling like it? 

Here are my top tips on how to stay motivated, on track and keep your fitness going long term:

  1. Find your why – Your reason for starting exercise has a huge impact on whether you will sustain it. Vague goals of “I want to get fit” or “I want to lose weight” won’t keep you at it long term – give yourself an achievable goal such as “I want to run 5k by Christmas” or “I want to do 3 workouts a week” You will also be much more successful at sticking with it if you can see or feel tangible, immediate benefits such as positive feelings of stress reduction, increased energy, better sleep etc. The best way to prioritise exercise and be sure it will happen is if it delivers a benefit that is truly compelling and valuable to your life. So you just need to find out what that is for you, and it might be different for everyone. 
  2. Be realistic – Don’t set out with unattainable goals such as “I will workout everyday, I will eat healthily, stop drinking and run 5 times per week”, not only will you lose motivation pretty quickly when you can’t do it but you’ll risk injury and leave yourself feeling pretty rubbish. Instead try committing to three workouts per week and have 4/5 alcohol free nights per week – when you achieve this over a period of time you can then build on these goals – set yourself up for success.
  3. Plan and prioritise – For many people time is precious, but so is your health. Plan your week on a Sunday, work out exactly where you can definitely fit in your exercise and stick to it. Maybe organise a plan together with a friend. Sometimes it is also helpful to have a contingency plan for if work or family life throws the schedule out of the window! 
  4. Keep it short and sweet – you don’t need to exercise for hours – 30 minutes three times per week for strength work is perfect. Often, people think that they need to spend hours and hours at the gym each week to make it worthwhile – this is a myth! 
  5. Work out your best time – if you’re not a morning person don’t commit to a 7am workout, if you know you flag in the evenings make sure you get it done before lunchtime. There’s no right time, just the right time for you.

I have long since been an advocate of strength training, particularly for women, and with this in mind I built my platform – Caroline’s Circuits. My workouts are 3 times a week for just 30 minutes. They focus on strength-based circuits which work different muscle groups and challenge the body, keeping the heart rate moderate to high with passive or active rest – they give the perfect mix of strength and cardio for the best results.

The workouts are Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am (they are all recorded and available to you on demand within an hour of the session if you can’t make the live). Classes have been specifically designed to suit all fitness levels and create fitness habits which last & which produce results.

Intrigued to know more or have a go? Try a class for free here or read more about the platform here.

If you have any questions please do get in touch.

For more workout ideas and to find out a bit more about me check out my Instagram.

Caroline x

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