How to get those workouts in during the holidays!

Lots of people ask me what my top tips are to stay active and in a fitness routine when on holiday. Your workouts when you’re away may change to those at home –  after all, holidays are holidays! But I know it’s true for me and many others that staying active and moving your body whilst on holiday definitely makes a difference to how you feel – both mentally and physically. It may be challenging to fit in a workout but here are some of my tips:

1. Plan Ahead: Schedule your workouts in advance, just like you would any other activity during your holiday. Knowing when and where you’ll exercise can make it easier to stick to your plan. Earlier in the day is always best on holiday before the activities begin and it gets too hot! Wear breathable fabrics and remember to hydrate!

2. Short, intense Workouts: Consider high-intensity interval training (HIIT) . Even a 10 or 15 minute blast pre breakfast! These can be effective and time-efficient, making it easier to squeeze in some exercise during a busy day. And you will feel so energised for it.

3. Bodyweight Exercises: You don’t always need a gym or equipment. Bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks can be done anywhere, in your hotel room or on the beach. Put them into a circuit and set your phone timer!

4. Use Your Surroundings: Take advantage of your holiday destination. If you’re near a beach, go for a run, power walk, swim or try some beach workouts. Explore the area by walking or biking instead of using cars, taxis etc.

5. Active Excursions: Choose active excursions or activities. Snorkelling, hiking, cycling, or even walking tours can be enjoyable ways to stay active while exploring your holiday destination. Or tennis before it gets too hot in the day. Yoga can be a wonderful way to start and end your day too.

6. Pack Exercise Gear: Pack lightweight exercise equipment like resistance bands or a TRX. These items take up little space in your luggage and can add variety to your workouts. Don’t forget your trainers!

7. Use Hotel Facilities: If your accommodation has a gym or pool, make use of those facilities. 

8. Make it fun: remember you are on holiday so make sure you are having time to relax too! Maybe play a sport with another family member or friend. Pick something that you will enjoy so it doesn’t feel like exercising. Why not try paddle boarding or go for that sea swim? 

9. Flexible Routine: Be flexible with your workout routine. If you can’t stick to your usual routine, don’t stress. Adjust your expectations and focus on staying active in a way that fits your holiday schedule.

Remember that staying active during holidays is not just about structured workouts; it’s also about incorporating movement into your day and enjoying the experience. Listen to your body, have fun, and find ways to make physical activity an enjoyable part of your holiday routine.

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